Monday, January 25, 2010

I wrote earlier about chasing new technology this was shot on a D70S with the original Sigma 10-20 zoom. Granted this is my wife and to my eyes she is the cutest girl in the world, but my point is would 12 megapixels make this picture any better? I have never had a picture printed bigger than 11 x 14 and 6 megapixels is small for that but 8 x 10 it handles with no problem. Posting it on the web even 6 megapixels is a waste of computing power. There is a reason to upgrade from the D70 and that is dust. Newer cameras have the dust removal systems which I think every digital camera needs. 6 months after this picture we were in Puerto Rico and I took a series of great sunrise shots that were all ruined by dust on the sensor. This picture was from The Big E is West Springfield Ma in Sept '06 it is right out of the camera no crops no Photoshop etc. I like the depth of field the 10-20 gives this shot.

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