Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have been reading other blogs lately. It is nice to get a different outlook. The beauty of the Internet is that you can connect with anyone around the world. I recommend reading Kirk Tuck Kirk has posts over the last 3 months expounding on hardware and how so many of us are chasing the latest and greatest camera body yet we only use our cameras to post images on the web. Do you really need 24 megapixels to post this picture from this morning of the Scantic River in Enfield CT? Kirk's posts resonate with me as I fell into a little money and was thinking about moving to a larger body. This is taken with D5000 and an old manual 105mm F2.5 lens. If I upgraded to a larger Nikon it would be harder to use manual focus lenses as I would have to be careful of damaging the screw dive for the older auto focus Nikons. I understand that other view finders would be easier to focus so it is a trade off. It is like scouting players to play in the NBA some scouts focus on what a player can't do some focus on what the can do, the best teams scout what the players can do and use those strengths to put the player in a position to succeed.

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Ct Photo said...

I realize that my focus point is close and on the river not the ice but we will address that in another posts