Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morning at the Basketball Hall of Fame

The city of Springfield Ma had these 6 foot fiberglass sneakers decorated by local artists. They were displayed around the city in conjunction with the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. It was a beautiful late summer morning so I headed up to the HOF. I brought along my Nikon D5000 and a Nikon F4 with 3 lenses. These pics are all from the D5000. I was struck the huge difference in the apparent size of the image in the viewfinders. When you go from the F4 to the D5000 it looks like you are composing on a postage stamp. That being said I am having a tough time focusing my 28mm F3.5 AI manually. I have tried it on the F3 and the F4 without much luck. It looks like these old eyes are going to have to go auto focus full time. These pictures are right out of the camera no crop no manipulation I downloaded and posted them. That is the beauty of digital the sense of immediacy.

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